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I am 5 weeks pregnant and have a strong craving for khatta water. Can I satisfy my craving by drinking Zaljeera Masala Mox with green chilli, mint leaves, and coriander leaves water? Is it safe for me and my baby?

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Artificial Intelligence Health Assistant's Answer

It is generally safe to consume Zaljeera Masala Mox with green chilli, mint leaves, and coriander leaves water during pregnancy. However, it is important to consider a few factors before indulging in this beverage. Firstly, ensure that the ingredients are fresh and properly washed to avoid any contamination. Secondly, consult your healthcare provider or a nutritionist to determine if these ingredients are suitable for you based on your individual health condition. While some pregnant women may enjoy the benefits of these ingredients such as aiding digestion or relieving morning sickness, others may experience discomfort or adverse reactions. Additionally, moderation is key - consuming excessive amounts of this beverage may lead to heartburn or upset stomach. As always, listen to your body and prioritize your well-being throughout your pregnancy journey.

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