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My 2-month-old baby has loose stools with mucus once. Is this normal and safe for the baby's health?
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It is not uncommon for babies to have occasional loose stools with mucus, and in most cases, it is considered normal and safe. Mucus in the stool can be a result of various factors such as teething, changes in diet, or a mild stomach bug. As long as your baby is otherwise healthy, gaining weight appropriately, and not showing any other concerning symptoms like fever or severe diarrhea, there is usually no need to worry. However, if you notice persistent or worsening symptoms, it is always best to consult your pediatrician for further evaluation and guidance.

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What is baby eating? Is it just breast milk,? Did you change your diet maybe affected the milk..

 or do you do formula? Did you change brand of formula?

Is baby bloated or uncomfortable, fever?

Maybe is allergy, is weather changing to have more pollens in the air?

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