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Placenta previa

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Placenta previa is when your baby is up and the placenta is down. In that case you need to always give yourself rest, don't over work yourself. Prat that God changes the position of the placenta. But if it still remains same till your date of delivery, it's still no big deal as your doctor will refer you to do a caesarean section to bring out your baby.
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How did you only find out now?I had placenta previa with my last child and now I'm 14 weeks with my fourth.but I had prenatal care from the beginning.your not supposed to insert anything not even a yeast infection ovulate into your vagina.and take it easy.i had a placental abruption but had a normal delivery.if you listen to your doctor everything should be okay.they told me that my placenta would most likely move sonic could have a norm as l delivery but some women need cesarean. Hope your okay it's also when your placenta implants on your cervix
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May I ask what your outcome was to this pregnancy? 

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