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This child weighed 7.3lbs at birth. However, at around 2 months old, the baby only weighs 8lbs. What is the expected weight for a baby at this age? Is there cause for concern?
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It is important to remember that every baby grows at their own pace, and weight gain can vary. On average, newborns tend to regain their birth weight by two weeks of age and then gain around 5-7 ounces per week during the first month. From one to six months, babies typically gain about 1-2 pounds per month. Therefore, it is generally expected that a baby would weigh more than just 8lbs at around two months old.

However, it's crucial to consult with your pediatrician if you are concerned about your baby's weight gain or growth pattern. They will evaluate various factors such as feeding habits, overall health, and development milestones to determine if any intervention or further investigation is necessary.

Keep in mind that breastfed babies may have different growth patterns compared to formula-fed infants due to differences in nutrient composition and digestion. Your doctor will consider these factors when assessing your baby's growth.

In conclusion, while there might not be an exact answer for how much a baby should weigh at a specific age since each child develops differently, it is essential to monitor their growth trajectory and seek professional advice if you have concerns about your baby's weight gain or overall development.

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The weight gain depends on how much the baby drinks of milk and so on. This is not exact for any chid. You babies pediatrician will weigh them at every visit and let you know if there is any need for concern. 

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