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The father of my baby is treating me rudely, even during my pregnancy. I'm unsure whether to keep the baby or consider abortion. What should I do?
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It can be incredibly challenging to make decisions about your pregnancy when you're facing difficulties with the father of your baby. Ultimately, the choice is yours and should be based on what you feel is best for you and your future. Consider seeking support from trusted friends, family members, or professionals who can provide guidance and help you explore all available options.

If you are considering keeping the baby, it's important to assess whether the father's behavior will have a negative impact on your child's upbringing. Reflect on his ability to be a responsible and supportive parent in the long term. Additionally, think about how this situation may affect your own emotional well-being and overall happiness.

On the other hand, if you are contemplating abortion, it's crucial to consult with healthcare professionals who can provide accurate information about the procedure and its potential physical and emotional implications. They can also offer counseling services to help you navigate through this difficult decision-making process.

Remember that whatever decision you make should prioritize your own well-being and that of any potential child involved. Take time to reflect on your values, goals, and aspirations for yourself and your future family. Seeking advice from professionals who specialize in reproductive health or counseling can provide valuable insights as well.

Ultimately, only you can determine what is right for your unique circumstances. Trust yourself and surround yourself with supportive individuals who will respect and honor whatever choice you make regarding your pregnancy.

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Hello, I am very sorry to hear your news. In my personal opinion, I say keep your baby! and Leave the father. I know this is not easy. I am a single mother of 4 children. It is not always easy. But having a disrespectful husband/boyfriend, with or without a child is not good for your own well being. Having a child is a HUGE blessing. You will never regret having the baby. If you abort the baby you lose a part of yourself, you can not get back. If you feel you are unable to raise the Child as a single parent there are sooo many places that can help you or you can have your baby adopted by another family. I wish you the very best and pray for you, your relationship, and your baby! Again just my personal opinion. Please remember also. That no matter the choice you make, you are important, you do deserve love and respect from everyone you allow into your life. Take care ❤
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Don't abort please, you will regret all the rest of your life. I know it is hard for you to be treat like this by your husband. You need respect. But don't make a choice because of your husband, think of you, what you really want and think of this innocent baby. A baby is a heaven's gift and God's power. If it is difficult to stay with your husband and you don't feel safe, leave him. We all want to have a baby in a family environment, but if it is not possible, take your cross and go ahead. Your baby will be your sunshine. Good luck
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Don't let the father affect you You are more valuable and independent than that 

I would keep the baby There are plenty of supports out there for single mums, you also probably have family and friends who are willing to help and you'll get maintenance from the father as long as you put his name down on the birth certificate 
Plz aysa na kre.. Kay abort krne ke baad apke husband ka behavior change ho jayega.. Agr nhi to fir iske liye puri life afsos hoga ki apne aysa kyu kiya.. Orr ek baby hone se life puri change ho jati h apko khud jine ki ek reason mil jayega apko apki khusi mil jaygi wrna aysa krke aap apne husband ko to nhi change kr skte ulte aap khud depression mi aa jayengi so apne liye apni khusi keliye aysa na kre.. Orr jo insan ko ye tk khyal nhi h ki aysa nhi krna chahiye uske karan aap itna bda step lene ko mt Sochiyee sab thk ho jayega achha time sabke life mi aati h apke v life mi aayegi kay pta ye baby h apka achha time le aaye...
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I am a firm believer of not bringing a child into this world if you cannot take care of it. Taking care takes lot of effort. I know there are many who do it. You need to understand if you are ready to take up this huge responsibility on your own. What kind of support system do you have financially, physically and emotionally?

Do you have anyone you can count on? Because I know people who have backed up from helping out even their own blood. Getting a child into this world is a big step and should be a happy one. You should make sure that you do not regret it later on because if you do it will effect your and baby's mental well being in the long run.

It has been quite some time since you posted this. I hope you have taken a decision which is good for you and your baby(if you plan to go ahead with the pregnancy). 

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