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I have completed 6 months of my pregnancy and I still do not feel any movement from my baby. This is my first pregnancy and I am very concerned. Can you please let me know if everything is fine or not?
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It is common for pregnant women to start feeling their baby's movements between 18-25 weeks of pregnancy. However, every woman and every pregnancy is different, so it is possible to not feel any movement until later on. If you are concerned about the lack of fetal movement at 6 months, it is important to consult your healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation. They may recommend an ultrasound or other tests to ensure that everything is progressing normally with your baby's development. Remember that stress and anxiety can also affect how you perceive fetal movements, so try to stay calm and trust in the expertise of your healthcare provider.

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In most cases by this stage you will feel the baby moving. However if your child is of smaller size you may not feel it strongly. If you feel concern I would call your OBGYN for an appointment. They can check the heart rate, do a sono gram and check for movement. ! Try not to worry and stress ans this is not good for you or your baby. Also drink lots of water! As close to 2 liters of water a day. This will ensure you and your baby are hydrated and you may feel more movement. 
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I was 23 weeks when I first felt my first baby move. I was overweight and this can make it harder to feel your baby. Plus at this stage you might not realize the indigestion feeling might not be indigestion at all but your baby moving. 

Just remember what your last ultrasound was like, was your baby moving then? Did you hear the heart beat? Reassure yourself everything is fine, this is new to you and it's completely normal to worry. Most new mom's do.

A little test you can do is try drinking some juice the sugar will give your baby a burst of energy and will start moving more. If you feel flutters or gassy bubbles it's likely your baby moving about. 

You're likely due for your next check up. Tell your doctor your concern. They are the only person who can tell for sure that your baby is healthy. 
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Ring the doctor just to be sure, maybe placenta is blocking movements 
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Don't worry if you have anterior placent ( water inside stomach ,) in front portion you may not feel the punch of kiddoo .. don't worry 
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Don't worry. Usually in 1st pregnancy u won't feel baby movement. If you feel it's beyond 7 months only. Because the uterus wall is thick and becomes thin in progression of pregnancy only.

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