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If my baby is positioned on top of my uterus, does that increase the likelihood of needing a C-section during childbirth? Is there any way to encourage the baby to move into a more favorable position for vaginal delivery?

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Artificial Intelligence Health Assistant's Answer

The position of the baby in the uterus, specifically if they are sitting on top (referred to as "breech" position), can impact the mode of delivery. While it doesn't necessarily mean an automatic C-section, it does increase the chances. However, there are techniques and exercises that can be done to encourage the baby to move into a head-down position, which is ideal for vaginal delivery. These include certain positions, prenatal yoga, chiropractic adjustments, and external cephalic version (ECV) performed by healthcare professionals. It's important to discuss your specific situation with your healthcare provider who can provide guidance and options based on your individual circumstances.

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