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I am 7 plus weeks pregnant

I have two daughters (thanks to Allah)

I wish for a baby boy this time

Can any 1 experience with boy preg tell me wat symptoms occurs commonly 

During my girl preg i hav no nausea or vomiting 

But this time i hv nausea but no vomiting

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Hi, well wen I was pregnant with my son I Neva experienced nausea nor did I vomit. Not evn spitting. I loved salty foods n the only craving I had was for pineapple fanta... 
My boys kept.me sick my daughter was a breeze.
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I think no such symptoms r in reality that shows that the baby is boy r girl

But one thing that is mostly saying for baby boy is that's it always is in right side n the baby girl is at left side.
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I have 2 boys right now (this is my 5th pregnancy, hopefully we will finally get our girl this time, because this one I have not been as sick as with my boys).

I had Hyperemesis with both of my boys, lots of nausea in the first trimester and throwing up for me. I barely was able to eat with them until the 2nd trimester. Only a small yogurt with fruit on good days. Or some bread. 

Heart rate for both of them was above 140 bpm (that myth was not true for us). 

I knew with my youngest son that he was a boy right away because the pregnancy with him was exactly the same as my oldest. I had no doubt and sure enough it was confirmed. 

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