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I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing severe headaches since my 10th week. Is this a normal symptom of pregnancy?
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It is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience headaches, especially during the first trimester. Hormonal changes, increased blood volume, and changes in blood pressure can all contribute to headaches during pregnancy. Additionally, stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, and certain triggers such as caffeine or strong odors can also cause or worsen headaches. If you are concerned about your symptoms or if the headaches are severe or persistent, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider for further evaluation and guidance. They may recommend lifestyle modifications, relaxation techniques, over-the-counter pain relievers (if safe for pregnancy), or other appropriate treatments to help manage your headaches.

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Yes it's normal.... You can take Tylenol but nothing else n no more than 2 200 mlgm Tylenol at once. The reason behind the headaches is because right now your body is on over drive to make baby n the baby is taking all your nutrients plus you hormone level spikes which cause women's head to pound. You will be fine. And it will subside around week 13.  Good luck

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