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I'm experiencing some bloating, but I can't determine if it's due to pregnancy. When can I expect to see a noticeable baby bump during my second pregnancy?
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During a second pregnancy, the timing of when you start showing can vary from woman to woman. In general, women tend to show earlier in subsequent pregnancies compared to their first. This is because the abdominal muscles have already been stretched and may be more relaxed. Additionally, the uterus expands more quickly in subsequent pregnancies as it has already undergone changes before. Some women may start showing as early as 12 weeks, while others may not show until around 16-20 weeks or even later. It's important to remember that every pregnancy is different and factors such as body type, weight gain, and muscle tone can also play a role in when you start showing. If you're unsure whether your bloating is due to pregnancy or other factors, it's best to consult with your healthcare provider for confirmation and guidance.

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How far along are you I'm on my second pregnancy they say you usually show sooner because your body knows what to do I started barely showing with my first at 13 weeks my belly was bigger around 19-20 weeks 

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