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I'm 8 weeks + 1 day pregnant and haven't experienced many symptoms. How can you determine if you're still pregnant? What will the healthcare provider check during my upcoming appointment at the ante-natal clinic? I'm anxious and seeking reassurance.
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During early pregnancy, it is common for women to worry about their symptoms or lack thereof. While every pregnancy is different, it is possible to determine if you are still pregnant through various methods. One way is by visiting your healthcare provider for regular check-ups and tests. At your upcoming appointment at the ante-natal clinic, they will likely perform a physical examination, take blood samples, and conduct urine tests. These tests help monitor hormone levels, detect any potential issues, and confirm the ongoing viability of your pregnancy. Remember that every woman's experience is unique, and not having many symptoms does not necessarily indicate a problem. It's important to communicate your concerns with your healthcare provider who can provide guidance and reassurance based on your individual circumstances.

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Me too! It's my first, and I'm also around 9weeks! :-) My symptoms have been on and off, to a point that every now and then I expect to see my period come and say "sorry for the false alarm" I lost over 5kg in my first trimester and had times when I think it can't be real. But there are things that show me it's really happening, and you just have to accept that your body has got this whether you know it or not :--D Congratulations!!
Me too. I had an reassurance scan all fine a strong heartbeat, bloods fine, iron fine, blood pressure fine, platelets fine. But how do you know if the baby is still there. Its absolutely terrifying. I need to delete google!!!
Fingers crossed ladies we all have healthy happy babies

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