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Is it possible for me to have a noticeable baby bump at just 2 months pregnant, considering my small figure prior to pregnancy? People are joking that I might be having twins, but is that really possible?
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It is unlikely to have a big baby bump at just 2 months pregnant, especially if you had a small figure before. During the early stages of pregnancy, the uterus is still growing and the baby is very small. However, every woman's body is different and some may show earlier than others. It is important to note that having a large baby bump does not necessarily mean you are carrying twins. The size of your bump can be influenced by factors such as your body type, muscle tone, and the position of the baby. If you suspect you might be carrying twins or have any concerns about your pregnancy, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider for an accurate assessment. They can perform ultrasounds or other tests to determine the number of babies you are carrying and ensure everything is progressing normally.

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Hello, i was alway petite in size and each of my babies were all over 9lbs when they were born lol. So when i was like 2/3 months pregnant i looked like most people at 5 months. Sometimes it can be also be cause you have lots of amniotic fluid which is a good thing(means your are well hydrated). I would not worry. If you are expecting twins your OBGYN will let you know right away lol. But yes you can show very early sometimes!
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The more number of baby's you have the more early you start showing. It should be normal. But if you feel it is unusually big, then may be you are having twins. 
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Yep. 17 weeks with baby number 2. I also have a small figure and felt like i showed ridiculously early....however it is verrrry common to have a high build up of abdominal gas (which they showed me on an 11 week scan)- even if you dont feel particularly gassy. This makes up a lot of that bump very early on lol. Now im 17 weeks, my stomach has started hardening a fair bit at the bottom which is defo the actual bump (the bloat also decreased dramatically so less rounded)

Congrats by the way :)
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