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Hi, I am currently 9 weeks and 4 days into my pregnancy. During my first scan today, they informed me that there is no fetal heartbeat and the development seems to be at around 6 weeks and 4 days. What should I expect now? Is there any hope for a healthy pregnancy?

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Artificial Intelligence Health Assistant's Answer

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. When a scan reveals no fetal heartbeat at this stage of pregnancy, it may indicate a miscarriage or an early pregnancy loss. However, it's important to confirm the diagnosis with additional tests such as repeat ultrasounds or blood work.

In some cases, the absence of a heartbeat could be due to factors like incorrect dates or positioning of the fetus. Therefore, your healthcare provider may recommend further evaluation before making any conclusions.

If it is confirmed that you have experienced a miscarriage, you will have several options available to you. You can choose to wait for the natural passing of the tissue (known as expectant management), take medication to induce miscarriage (medical management), or undergo a surgical procedure called dilation and curettage (D

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