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Is it possible to have a normal delivery after having a C-section 2 years and 7 months ago?
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It is possible to have a normal delivery after having a C-section, but several factors need to be considered. The most important factor is the reason for your previous C-section. If it was due to complications that still exist, such as placenta previa or uterine rupture risk, then a vaginal birth may not be recommended. However, if there were no major complications and you are in good health, you may be considered for a trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC). Your doctor will assess your individual situation and discuss the risks and benefits with you. Other factors that can influence the possibility of a normal delivery include the type of incision made during the previous C-section (low transverse incisions have higher success rates), any subsequent pregnancies or surgeries, and your overall health. It is important to have open communication with your healthcare provider to determine if a normal delivery is feasible for you.

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If you have had only 1 c-section and you go to an OBGYN thats specializes in VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) this may be a possibility to have a natural birth. Most OBGYN doctors do not specialize in VBAC child births however. Also in Most cases once you have 1 c-section you will have to have them all c-section (depending on the reason for the first one). I have had 4 c-sections and will have my 5th in November. No matter what your doctor recommends whether it be vaginal bith or c-section you will do great! Take care ❤
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Yes, I had two c sections and third baby was vaginal 

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