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I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and my baby is in the breech position. Is it possible for the baby to change to the normal head-down position as the pregnancy progresses?
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It is common for babies to be in the breech position at 25 weeks, but they often turn into the head-down (vertex) position by themselves before birth. However, if your baby remains in the breech position closer to your due date, there are techniques that can help encourage them to turn. These include exercises, acupuncture, and external cephalic version (ECV), where a healthcare provider manually tries to turn the baby from outside your abdomen. It's important to discuss these options with your healthcare provider who can guide you on what is best for you and your baby. If all attempts fail or there are other medical reasons, a cesarean section may be recommended for delivery.

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Your baby has plenty of time and space to move. I wouldn't worry about it this early. 

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