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Can spotting last for 3 days? Since then, I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms that come and go, but I am always exhausted. Could I be pregnant? If so, I must be 7 weeks and 4 days.
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Spotting can sometimes occur during early pregnancy and can last for a few days. It is possible to experience pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, even if the spotting has stopped. However, these symptoms alone are not enough to confirm a pregnancy. The best way to determine if you are pregnant is to take a home pregnancy test or visit your healthcare provider for a blood test. These tests will provide more accurate results and help determine your current stage of pregnancy.

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Well your first step would be to take a pregnancy test. Not much more advice can be given if you don't know in the first place. 

Being tired isn't enough of a symptom. When I first got pregnant I did not feel fatigue.. I was very clumsy which is unlike me and I got naseous everyday around dinner time and those were the only symptoms I showed that triggered me to take a test. The fatigue came later and hard and hasn't really gone away since
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Yes,it can even stay up to week...or more....I was told it's normal in first trimester.

If it lasts more than a week and it's heavy(soaking up a normal pad ),pls endeavour to see a gynaecologist.
It was same as norml
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Update to my question...

Baby sqirms around. Its awesome. But i still get periods. Now 20weeks. When will my bump obviously show (now a small one). Its my first time preg
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