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I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant and have not yet felt my baby move. However, during a recent scan, there were visible movements. Should I be concerned?
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It is completely normal to not feel your baby move at 17 weeks of pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different, and some women may start feeling fetal movements earlier or later than others. The fact that there were visible movements on the scan indicates that your baby is active and developing well. As the weeks progress, you will likely start feeling those first flutters and kicks. If you have any concerns or if you don't feel any movement by week 20, it's always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider for reassurance.

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That is totally normal. I didn't feel baby REALLY move until I was like 18-20 weeks.. everyone is different also and the placement of your placenta can make a difference and if you are overweight which can take a little longer to feel the baby. You also won't feel a big BAM of a kick right off the bat. You will usually feel what feels like butterflies or popcorn popping in your tummy and once you do feel it don't be alarmed that you could go days without feeling it again. As baby gets bigger they will be on a better sleep and awake schedule that you can almost like clockwork know what time you'll start feeling movement as baby wakes up. 

Even though I felt baby moving early on it's only been about a week or so since my partner has been able to feel movement and he only has felt it once. 

I noticed that laying down and just staying in tune with my belly I was able to feel the baby moving around. You may not feel much when your moving around and more active. 
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I have felt my baby when I was 4 months and a half... And I had doubts, if she really moved or if... There was sometbing else. Don't worry. You will feel The babe when less expected
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It is quite normal. If it makes you feel better, I am 19+6 and haven't felt a thing. 
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Don't worry I felt my baby's moment in 23rd week..
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Yes, I'm the same! 17 weeks today and I'm not sure if what I felt was gas or the baby moving

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