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Is it normal to have negative results on a home pregnancy test at 8 weeks 2 days, while also experiencing back pain and abdomen pain?
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It is possible to have a negative result on a home pregnancy test at 8 weeks 2 days, although it is less common. There are several reasons why this may occur, such as taking the test too early or not following the instructions correctly. If you are experiencing back pain and abdomen pain along with the negative result, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional for further evaluation. These symptoms could be related to various factors such as hormonal changes or other underlying conditions. A healthcare provider can perform a more accurate pregnancy test and assess your symptoms to determine the cause of your discomfort.

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Did your doctor confirm that you were pregnant? 
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Hcg levels is at its highest peak during this time about 9week to 12weeks or you may be having multiples(twins). So it interferes with the test (as it has lower and higher limits). and cannot detect this high value of hcg. Try doing a blood hcg test instead to confirm☺. All the best!!
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Consult with a gynecologist

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