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Can you explain how the doctor determines whether it's a boy or girl based on the father's health?
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The gender of a baby is determined by the combination of chromosomes from both parents. The father's health has no direct influence on the baby's gender. The doctor can determine the baby's gender through prenatal testing, such as ultrasound or genetic testing. These tests analyze the baby's DNA and can accurately determine whether it is a boy or girl. However, it is important to note that determining gender through these tests is optional and not necessary for everyone.

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Depends how far along you were when the ultrasound took place. Doctor probably notice something that looked like a "boy part" but i dont understand why he wouldnt share with the parents. Maybe its just a word he/she uses in the place of "baby" or "it". 

Me personally would had asked what doc meant.

Happy pregnancy:)

Thanks for your answer

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