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Is it normal to experience morning sickness, dizziness, and back pain at 3 weeks pregnant? What are some effective ways to manage these symptoms?
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It is common for women to experience morning sickness, dizziness, and back pain during early pregnancy. These symptoms are caused by hormonal changes and the growing uterus. To manage morning sickness, try eating small, frequent meals and avoiding triggers like strong smells. Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest to alleviate dizziness. Gentle exercises and proper posture can help relieve back pain. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your healthcare provider for further guidance.

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Welcome to the club this is part of the first trimester. Your body is adjusting to all your hormonal changes. I should get better by your second trimester.
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am at 17th week nd i suffered  too this morning  sickness  it is due to our body weakness 

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