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This is my first pregnancy, and during my first prenatal visit, the doctor couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it something to be concerned about?
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It is not uncommon for doctors to have difficulty hearing the baby's heartbeat during the first prenatal visit, especially at 11 weeks. The position of the uterus and the size of the baby can make it challenging to detect the heartbeat using a Doppler device. In such cases, doctors may opt for an ultrasound to confirm the presence of a healthy pregnancy. While it can be concerning not to hear a heartbeat initially, it does not necessarily indicate a problem with your pregnancy. Every woman's body is different, and factors like weight, positioning of the uterus, and fetal movement can affect how easily the heartbeat can be detected. If you are worried or have any other symptoms, it is important to communicate with your healthcare provider who will guide you on further steps or recommend additional tests if needed.

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It is normal if they cant find the heart beat because there so small at 11 weeks it's harder for the dr to find it did they do the hand held machine that they just hold and put jelly on  your tummy if so that is why hun I would not worry to much in less your bleeding or in sever pain all so once they do the ultrasound they can pick up the heart beat so much better 
No, it's not normal, at 8weeks I could hear my babys heartbeat loud and clear, try another ultrasound room.... carry with faith.... it is well.
Ask for a vaginal ultrasound. I had a vaginal ultrasound  at 6 wks and 10 weeks and 14 weeks at 17 weeks its was abdominal.

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