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Hi,  it's my first pregnancy,  just wondering what I should be feeling at 9 weeks?  I am so nervous  

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Hi, u might feel sick or get headaches. U may feel a bit faint. U might start having food cravings. Some women don't feel anything. U won't feel any movement yet, your belly might be starting to get bigger slightly but some women don't show until a few weeks after. Good luck 


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This my first pregnancy too and at 9 weeks i didnt really feel anything 

..but im 15 weeks now and my baby move alot

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I am currently 15w pregnant today with my first baby and have had 0 pregnancy symptoms all the way through so far. It honestly depends on your body :) at 9 weeks i started to feel inconsistent cramp like sharp pains in my lower abdomen that instantly go away in a few seconds but its just normal as your body is starting to expand. Congratulations! Good luck!

Really this happens bcz I too had no symptoms

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