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My wife is 26 weeks pregnant and continues to smoke despite my concerns for our baby's health. How can I convince her to quit smoking for the sake of our child? What steps can we take together?
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Smoking during pregnancy can have serious consequences for both the mother and the baby. It increases the risk of complications such as premature birth, low birth weight, stillbirth, and developmental issues. Secondhand smoke also poses risks to the baby's health. Quitting smoking is crucial for a healthy pregnancy.

Approaching your wife with empathy and understanding is important. Start by having an open and honest conversation about your concerns for your child's well-being. Share information about the risks associated with smoking during pregnancy and emphasize that quitting now will greatly benefit both her and the baby.

Offer support throughout this process. Encourage her to speak with her healthcare provider who can provide guidance on quitting methods that are safe during pregnancy. Nicotine replacement therapy or medication may be options worth exploring under medical supervision.

Help create a smoke-free environment at home by removing cigarettes, ashtrays, and any triggers that may tempt her to smoke. Offer alternative coping mechanisms like exercise, relaxation techniques, or engaging in activities she enjoys.

Consider joining a support group or seeking counseling together as it can provide additional motivation and guidance. Remember that quitting smoking is challenging, so be patient and supportive throughout this journey.

Ultimately, it's essential for your wife to make the decision to quit herself. However, by offering love, support, education, resources, and being actively involved in her efforts to quit smoking, you increase the chances of success for both your wife and your unborn child.

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Yes it's very harmful. Depriving your newborn of good oxygen. Can possibly have problems when he or she is born. Consult with your Dr. To maybe find alternative to quit.
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I am a smoker and am finding it super hard to quit as well.  What I am doing to help ween myself off is do little activities that divert me from smoking at those times such as running a small erron and purposefully leaving my cigarettes at home. Dont hide them in her.  She will hurt you. Another thing I am doing is some light exercise such as walking, not so much to exercise but more to realise how smoking is making it harder to breath or keep up with my non smoking husband.  So maybe go for a walk and LIGHTLY challenge her indirectly by walking on sand or the grass in the park or try to play with her, something slightly active.  When she feels like she cant catch her breath she may be more apt to at least consider stopping or cutting down.
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There are programs in some areas, I did Qtip in mine. Gives money as incentives. But also, she will need to find new hobbies? Walking, drawing, reading, wean off. Smoke half cigs and move to less and less, as a suggestion to her. 

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