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What does it mean when a cardiac echogenic focus is noted in the left ventricle on an ultrasound report for an 18-week-old child?
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A cardiac echogenic focus refers to a bright spot seen on an ultrasound image of the heart. In most cases, it is a harmless finding and does not pose any significant health risks. It is commonly found during routine prenatal ultrasounds and tends to resolve on its own as the pregnancy progresses. However, further evaluation may be recommended by your healthcare provider to rule out any associated abnormalities or genetic conditions. It's important to remember that this finding alone does not necessarily indicate a problem with your baby's heart, but discussing it with your doctor will provide you with more specific information and guidance based on your individual situation.

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I have same problem
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My baby showed the same thing, ob said it's a marker of possible down syndrome. Don't freak out like I did! It is very common to see this. My ob sent me back for a level 2 ultrasound to look for specific markers so they could confirm that she did or didn't have down syndrome. Thankfully she didn't have any other markers for it. They said that everything looks normal and the marker will go away on its own and not cause any health issues. 
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Its not a major problem ,we need not to worry it's is common thing .,the white colour indicated the calcium is deposited in left side ventrical ,it's dissolves when the baby was born 

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