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I am currently in my third trimester and this is my first pregnancy. Can experienced moms share their insights and experiences with inducement? I would greatly appreciate any advice or information you can provide.
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Inducement, also known as labor induction, is a medical procedure used to stimulate contractions and initiate labor artificially. It is typically recommended when there are concerns for the health of the mother or baby, such as post-term pregnancy, preeclampsia, or fetal distress.

Experienced moms have varying experiences with inducement. Some may have had positive outcomes and successful inductions, while others may have faced challenges or complications. It's important to remember that every pregnancy is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.

If your doctor has advised you on inducement, it's crucial to have an open and honest discussion about the reasons behind the recommendation. Ask questions about the potential risks and benefits specific to your situation. Consider seeking a second opinion if you feel unsure or want more information.

Additionally, reaching out to other experienced moms can provide valuable insights and support. Online forums or local support groups can be great resources for connecting with women who have undergone inducements themselves. They can share their personal stories, offer tips on coping with labor induction, and provide emotional support during this potentially challenging time.

Remember that ultimately, the decision to proceed with inducement should be made in consultation with your healthcare provider based on your individual circumstances. Trusting your instincts and having a strong support system in place will help you navigate this journey more confidently.

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Idk why your doctor is rushing things but you shouldn't consider induction until the 41st week and by then you'll probably go into labor naturally. Induction can pose slight complications as the body was not ready to give birth. Dont let that scare you though because more often than not everything is fine.
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No on inducements on first baby ESPECIALLY if you aren't "full term" yet. I know my first pregnancy  21 years ago, I was sooo uncomfortable that I begged my dr for early inducement. She said not until after full term. So what she did was put me on a table, go "In there with her gloved fingers and stretch the "area" to where it would dialate quicker when i walked later that evening like she told me to. I lived on the beach in Pensacola Florida at the time. So my husband and I went for a 2 hour walk on beach around 6-7 that evening.  Went to a friend's house,  I started having contractions a little after midnight.  Then had her that next day. 

Ask dr for a "good stretch" and go walking at park for an hour or 2..... then wait! Dont power walk, just at a smooth decent pace.  

Now I'm on #6 and all of my deliveries have been within a week of my due date. Give or take.
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I was induced because of placental abruption. They put me an iv drip with oxytocin and within half an hour I was having strong contractions.i had an epidural 10 minutes later then gave birth 10 hours after bieng induced. I didn't feel a thing other than from the beginning.im sure everything will be ok have faith
I have 4 sons. The first was born at 39 weeks on his own. My second was 3 days late. My third I was induced 12 days early. If your doctor is recommending the induction there is a reason. It goes very smoothly and wasn't much different than my first two. I do recommend getting an epidural incase the process doesn't go as planned and you have to have a c-section. That way they can easily switch the medication and you can be awake to welcome your baby. Best of Luck!

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