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I'm currently in my 5th week of pregnancy and experiencing severe morning sickness. I am unable to keep any food or liquid down, which is making me feel weak. I'm worried about how this might affect my baby. What can I do to alleviate these symptoms and ensure my baby's health?
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Pregnant y is different for everyone. But what ive learned my first time amd now my second is early waking and taking the prenatal with something small like even with like a cracker or chip or small bowl of oat meal. I was even eatimg hot cheetos to help. Just what ever I knew sounded good and knew id be able to eat. It takes a couple of days for my body to get used to the vitamin but its what helped me the most for nutrients for myself and the baby and I slowly start to feel better. This is the time the body is goimg through some of the strongest hormone changes and it shouldnt be much longer till the body balances back. 
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