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I took a home pregnancy test that was positive 2 weeks ago, but subsequent tests were negative. However, a blood test at the hospital confirmed I am pregnant. I've had miscarriages before and now I'm worried. I'm 15 days late with no bleeding, experiencing mild cramps in my groin and hip pain. Has anyone else experienced this?
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It can be confusing when home pregnancy tests give conflicting results. While home tests are generally accurate, there are factors that can affect their reliability. False negatives can occur if the test is taken too early or if it's not done correctly. In your case, since you had a positive blood test at the hospital, it is likely that you are indeed pregnant.

Miscarriages in the past can understandably increase your anxiety about this pregnancy. However, it's important to remember that each pregnancy is unique and previous miscarriages don't necessarily indicate future ones.

The absence of bleeding is a positive sign, but it's always best to consult with your healthcare provider for further evaluation and reassurance. The mild cramps in your groin and hip pain could be normal symptoms of early pregnancy or related to other factors such as hormonal changes.

Remember that every woman's experience during pregnancy can vary greatly, so it's possible for others to have gone through similar situations. Connecting with support groups or online forums may provide you with valuable insights from women who have experienced similar symptoms or concerns.

Ultimately, seeking professional medical advice will help address your worries more effectively. Your healthcare provider can monitor your hormone levels and perform additional tests if necessary to ensure the well-being of both you and your baby during this crucial time.

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This is unusual! 

All that comes to my mind, is that maybe your body produces less of the hormone that the home test looks for. But the blood test is accurate. Maybe ask your doctor about your hormone levels and find if there are any ways to boost them. It could be a multivitamin, a change in your diet, or maybe exercise & sex. Good luck!!

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