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Is it normal for my baby's growth to be decreasing at this stage?
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It is understandable to be concerned if your baby's growth is decreasing. While every pregnancy is different, a decrease in growth can sometimes indicate potential issues. However, it is important to remember that ultrasounds are not always accurate in determining the exact weight of a baby. If your doctor has expressed concern, they may recommend additional tests or monitoring to ensure the well-being of your baby. It is crucial to follow their advice and communicate any worries or questions you have. Remember, every pregnancy is unique, and there are various factors that can influence fetal growth. Stay positive and trust in the guidance of your healthcare provider throughout this journey.

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Hello, some people do have smaller children and this is okay. Sometime the bone/body/weight may be low compared to others. (For example, I was only 4.5 lbs when i was born full term)  As long as the organs are developing at a proper rate I would not worry so much about the size. As always id also recommwnd that you are taking prenatal vitamins, eating at least 3 full proper meals and staying hydrated dinking as close to 2 liters of water as you can per day. Also try your beat to not stress and worry. If there is a concern by your OBGYN they may recommend other things as well such as drinking some ensure. Or such things like that, that can help with extra vitamins and weight gain. 

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