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I am currently 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant, but there are no signs of labor. What can I do to encourage labor to start naturally?
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It is common for some women to reach full-term pregnancy without experiencing any signs of labor. However, there are several things you can try to encourage the onset of labor naturally. Firstly, engage in regular physical activity such as walking or prenatal yoga, as this can help stimulate contractions. Additionally, nipple stimulation may release oxytocin and trigger contractions. You could also try consuming spicy foods or pineapple, both of which are believed to have natural labor-inducing properties. Another option is having sexual intercourse, as semen contains prostaglandins that can soften the cervix and potentially initiate contractions. Lastly, consult with your healthcare provider about the possibility of a membrane sweep or other medical interventions if necessary. Remember to always discuss any methods with your healthcare provider before trying them.

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Is this #1 baby or more? Walking everyday normally helps dialate and start labor. Not brisk walking. Just leisurely for an hour or 2. Whatever you can handle..
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You and i same boat. My Edd has passed its even more frustrating.
I am also 39 weeks 1 day pregnant but I tend to feel a pain or pulling at the bottom of my tummy and in my pelvic region as well as my back from time to time and it would hurt mildly sometimes,  do you atleast also feel that or there are no signs at all?
Ugh that sucks. I went 2 weeks over with my 3rd son. He did NOT want to come and they ended uP inducing me. I ended uP preclamsia with him.
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O any day now, just be prepared. Babies come when they are ready to come. Just be sure you have yours and baby's bag packed and ready to go. I would go ahead and put the bags in your trunk of your car. Also get someone to go ahead and install baby carseat in your car as well. 

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