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Is it safe and advisable to continue breastfeeding a 10-month-old baby while being 18 weeks pregnant? What are the potential risks and considerations involved in this situation?
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It is generally considered safe to continue breastfeeding your 10-month-old baby while being 18 weeks pregnant. However, there are some factors to consider and potential risks involved.

Firstly, consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and there are no specific concerns or complications that may affect your ability to breastfeed.

It's important to note that as your pregnancy progresses, your body will undergo hormonal changes that might affect milk production. Some women experience a decrease in milk supply during pregnancy, while others may not notice any significant changes. This can vary from person to person.

Additionally, you may find breastfeeding more uncomfortable or even painful due to breast tenderness or sensitivity during pregnancy. You can try different positions or techniques to alleviate discomfort.

Nutritional considerations are also important. While breastfeeding, you need additional calories and nutrients for both yourself and your growing baby. Being pregnant adds another layer of nutritional demands on your body. Ensure you're eating a well-balanced diet and consider consulting with a nutritionist or dietitian for personalized guidance.

Lastly, keep an eye on how you feel physically and emotionally. Pregnancy can be exhausting, especially when combined with the demands of caring for an older child. Make sure you're getting enough rest and support from loved ones.

In summary, continuing to breastfeed your 10-month-old baby while being 18 weeks pregnant is generally safe but requires careful consideration of individual circumstances. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice based on your specific situation.

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Dear you should stop feeding it's will problem for your inside baby
I breastfeed my baby till she was 10 months and 8 months pregnant... I was eating pretty healthy as well..  my baby was born fine, even heavier than my other 2 babies over 8 lbs
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I have a friend that breastfed her girl through her whole pregnancy and is now breastfeeding both 
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I think it is better to consult a doctor to confirm it. But nipple stimulation can stimulate uterine contraction. Because nipple stimulation will help to release Oxytocin which is a hormone which helps in uterine contraction. 

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