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I had a cerclage procedure done due to cervical incompetence. When is it typically recommended for the cerclage to be removed? Is there a specific timeframe or criteria for its removal?
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After undergoing a cerclage procedure for cervical incompetence, the timing of when it should be removed can vary depending on individual circumstances. Generally, the removal of the cerclage is determined by your healthcare provider based on factors such as gestational age, cervical length, and overall pregnancy progress. The goal is to remove the cerclage at an appropriate time to minimize any potential risks while ensuring that your cervix remains stable and able to support the pregnancy until term. It is crucial to follow your healthcare provider's guidance and attend regular check-ups to monitor the progress of your pregnancy and determine when it is safe to remove the cerclage. They will assess various factors such as cervical length measurements, ultrasound findings, and any signs of preterm labor or complications. Typically, if everything progresses well without any concerns, the cerclage may be removed around 36-38 weeks of gestation or earlier if there are indications of preterm labor. However, every case is unique, so it's essential to consult with your healthcare provider who will tailor their recommendations specifically for you.

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36 weeks my dr said, I'm booked for cerclage next week at 19 weeks. When did you do yours? Is it painful 

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