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Is it possible to determine the gender of a baby based on a fetal heart rate of 162 beats per minute?
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No, the fetal heart rate cannot accurately determine the gender of a baby. The belief that a higher or lower heart rate can indicate whether it's a boy or girl is just a myth. Gender determination is typically done through ultrasound or genetic testing. The fetal heart rate can vary throughout pregnancy and is influenced by various factors such as maternal activity, gestational age, and individual differences. It's always best to consult with your healthcare provider for accurate information about your baby's gender.

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I wouldn't go by that myth my cousin is having a boy his heart beat is in the 160s I'm having a boy his heart beat is in the 140s. 
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Its not guaranteed but it is common for females to have a higher heart rate. Its probably the more reliable versions of gender wives tales. My favorite has to due with leg positioning. My mom said little girls keep their legs closed for the most part and little boys spread them like crazy.
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I think that assumption is not completely true. I am 33 week pregnant and my fetal heart rate is 137 bpm that should be a boy according to myth. But earlier it was 169 bpm which is a girl according to myth. So not to believe in such type of myths. 

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