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I had a miscarriage in April at 10 weeks, and now I'm pregnant again. I'm currently experiencing bleeding without any pain or discomfort in my uterus. The bleeding started as a pinkish spot during the day and has turned dark red at night, but there are no clots. Has anyone else experienced this and gone on to have a healthy baby confirmed by ultrasound? This is my second pregnancy.
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It is important to note that any type of bleeding during pregnancy should be taken seriously and discussed with your healthcare provider. While some women may experience light spotting or bleeding during early pregnancy without complications, it is always best to consult with a medical professional for proper evaluation and guidance.

In some cases, light bleeding can occur around the time when your period would have been due, which is known as implantation bleeding. However, if you are experiencing heavier bleeding or passing clots, it could be indicative of a potential miscarriage or other underlying issues.

It is not uncommon for women who have experienced a previous miscarriage to feel anxious or concerned about any signs of bleeding during subsequent pregnancies. However, every pregnancy is different, and many women do go on to have successful pregnancies after experiencing a miscarriage.

To determine the cause of the bleeding and assess the health of your baby, your healthcare provider will likely recommend an ultrasound examination. This will help them evaluate the viability of the pregnancy by checking for fetal heartbeat and assessing the overall development.

While there are cases where women have experienced similar symptoms but went on to have healthy pregnancies, it is essential to seek medical advice for proper diagnosis and appropriate management based on your specific situation.

Remember that each person's experience may vary, so it's important not to compare yourself too closely with others' stories. Instead, focus on taking care of yourself, following your healthcare provider's guidance, and seeking support from loved ones or support groups who can provide understanding and empathy during this time.

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I had also gone through this situation. Don't worry this is  not a serious problem. Yes I have gone through my ultrasound and doctor said that my placenta is placed at the bottom that's why bleeding appears. 
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Okay thanks for your reply. The bleeding had stopped in the morning and I quickly rushed to a gynae yesterday in the morning and the baby was perfectly healthy with a heartbeat of 160 something per minute. Gave me a 2 week bed rest and lots of pills to stop contractions and the bleeding.  He just said my body needs a rest.
hii... i am 12 w 4 days pregnent for twins. i am experience same from last 4 days and my doc told for bed rest with tablet.
for you any pain in left side ?

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