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I am currently pregnant with twins and unsure of their gender. As I live in a third world country where doctors lack knowledge about twin types (didi, dimo, momo), can any ladies here help me determine the gender if I post an ultrasound image?
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Determining the gender of twins can be an exciting moment for expectant parents. However, it is important to note that identifying the type of twins (didi, dimo, momo) requires medical expertise and cannot be accurately determined solely based on an ultrasound image. While it may be challenging to find specialized doctors in some regions, it is recommended to consult with healthcare professionals who have experience in prenatal care and multiple pregnancies. They can provide accurate information regarding your twins' development and assist you in determining their gender through various methods such as ultrasound scans or genetic testing. Additionally, seeking advice from online communities or forums dedicated to pregnancy may offer support and insights from other women who have experienced similar situations. Remember that every pregnancy is unique, so it's essential to rely on professional guidance for accurate information about your specific situation.

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10 weeks with a blood test

 Request it at your ob appointment 
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Really.  Blood tests tells the type .

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