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I have lost 2 pregnancies already 

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You Might have your placenta at the front.. Anterior placenta,  so you won't feel anything until later than usual.. My friend had this didn't feel anything until 26 weeks.. I have this and only just barely starting to kicks now at 23 weeks 
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With my first I didn't feel anything till 25/26 wks
Me too I'm 22nd weeks but my bby is not moving n pains a killing me I don't know what to do pls help mommies  so worried
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Im 1st time mom.. obese high bmi.. when im 18 to 19 week i felt fluttering n like bowel movement or gas below my bellybutton.. anterior placenta.. tht feel is our bby movement.. sorry for my bad english.. now im 24+5w..

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