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Hi, I'm turning 9 weeks tomorrow and I have a bump, but it's still low. What does this mean? This is my first child.
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It is normal to have a low bump at 9 weeks of pregnancy, especially for first-time mothers. The size and position of the baby can vary from person to person. As your pregnancy progresses, your bump will gradually grow and move higher up in your abdomen. If you are concerned about the position of your bump or any other symptoms, it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice and reassurance.

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This is nothing to worry about it could mean the baby will be a big baby or u could be having twins I am 11 weeks on Tuesday the 6 August and it just looks like fat cuz I was a big person size 16 before pregnancy if you are small or skinny this could be a factor but really don't think u have anything to worry about all pregnancy's are different this is my 4th pregnancy 
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Everyone shows differently. Every pregnancy I have a show earlier. First two couldn't even  tell I was pregnant when I had them. Each last pregnancy earlier. This pregnancy,  taken on the round belly at 5 weeks.  I'm only 10 weeks but have the shape I did at 24 with the first two.  All my kids are small. No twins. Everyone and every pregnancy is unique.  

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