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Please help. I'm scared

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Lots of lubricant is key.
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Sex during pregnancy normally helps induce  labor, not necessarily get you "ready down there so no STRETCHING or tears.... " ask your dr to , when doingexams on you, to go "in" gloves on and stretch all around outer part and inside near cervix.  Also can ask for an ipesiodony (where they cut just a tad if they think you may tear, then stitch you back up with 1 or 2  stitches.  My 1st born, I tore and neededlike 4 or 5 stitches..that was 21 years ago...
Yeah I ended uP with 3 stitches and I hated it once they started to heal, they hurt and itch when healing.
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Try 4play before penetration 

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