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I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant and experiencing bleeding. Two days ago, my doctor couldn't see the baby as it was still small. She prescribed medication, but the bleeding hasn't stopped. What could be happening? Should I be worried?
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If you are experiencing bleeding at 11 weeks pregnant, it is important to understand the possible causes and take appropriate action. While some spotting can be normal during early pregnancy, heavy bleeding may indicate a more serious issue. Possible causes include implantation bleeding, cervical changes, or even complications like miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. It is crucial to contact your healthcare provider immediately to discuss your symptoms and get further guidance. They may recommend additional tests or an ultrasound to determine the cause of the bleeding and ensure the well-being of both you and your baby. Remember that every pregnancy is unique, so it's always better to seek professional medical advice for any concerns during pregnancy.

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Could be a misscarege if she couldn't see the baby 
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But I don't get a pain, today I come back to hospital say see I'm pregnant but dr can't see a baby, dr tell me I can wait 2wweeks and come 6
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It could be implantation bleeding I wouldnt worry unless it increases and gets heavier if you are saturating whole pads I would go to your obgyn I am 19 weeks and im on my 3rd child just keep ur head up girl 

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