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I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and I've noticed a bump. Considering that twins run in both sides of my family, although it skipped 2 generations on my mother's side, could this mean that I might be carrying twins?
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It is possible that your bump at 7 weeks could be a sign of twins, especially if there is a family history of twins. While it skipped 2 generations on your mother's side, genetics can still play a role in determining the likelihood of having twins. However, it is important to note that the only way to confirm whether you are carrying twins or not is through an ultrasound scan. This will provide accurate information about the number of embryos present. If you suspect that you might be carrying twins based on your family history and physical changes, it would be best to consult with your healthcare provider who can arrange for an ultrasound examination to determine the exact number of babies you are expecting.

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You could be carrying twins since it runs in the genetics. A bump might also be bloat right now
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So I could be having twins even though it skipped 2 generations on my mother's side of the family
It is possible because of it running in your family. However i wouldnt expect twins because of you have a bump, at 7 weeks babies arent even considered a fetus yet. I would say youre having bloat...which is extremely common

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