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I'm currently 2 months pregnant and my recent ultrasound revealed no growth in the fetus. This is causing me a lot of concern and worry. Can someone please provide guidance on what steps I should take next to address this situation?
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I know you must be scared. What is your doctors and nurses saying? Follow their recommendations first before anything else. If you were too nervous or shocked in the office to ask then write down your questions and concerns now. Most offices have a 24 hour line that you can call and state your fears and ask questions. 

Phone a friend or family member. Dont isolate yourself in this fear, even if they dont fully understand they can be your emotional support. Let them feed you, watch a movie with you, play a game and just talk. If you are spiritual, let them sit and pray with you. 

Do deep breathing exercises, cry as needed and talk to your baby. Excessive worry will not help. Stabilize yourself and make those phone calls.

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Was their a heart beat?what did the doctor say... 8 weeks is still vry tiny..bubby wld be the size of a seed..still time to grow..id contact doctor n ask them for growth scans if your worried xo
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Sorry for your lost
Hi I also went for an ultrasound when I was 7 weeks but the gynae told me that the baby is still tiny in such a way that he/she won't be visible it will only show that there's a pregnancy only and only the heart beat will be heard, I hope this will make you calm

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