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How can I determine the gender of my baby at 25 weeks of pregnancy? Is there any reliable method or test that can be done at this stage?
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At 25 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to determine the gender of your baby through an ultrasound examination. During this stage, the genitals are developed enough for a skilled sonographer to identify whether you are having a boy or a girl. However, it's important to note that the accuracy of ultrasound in determining gender depends on various factors such as fetal position and technician experience. If you're eager to know the gender, consult with your healthcare provider about scheduling an ultrasound appointment. Keep in mind that some clinics may have policies against revealing the baby's gender before a certain gestational age, so it's best to check beforehand. Additionally, there are non-medical methods like old wives' tales and home-based gender prediction tests available on the internet, but these methods lack scientific evidence and should be taken with caution.

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I would have a blood  test  

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