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I'm having acid reflux really bad and it's also making me puke up yellow stuff. 

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Yes.  I'm having the same thing 
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Sorry lady, I have had heartburn since I got pregnant. Everyday and the further along I get the more harsh it gets. It makes me vomit most of the time I was told it's die to increase in hormone levels and should stop once I deliver in July.
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I have a similar thing, started at 16 weeks, phlegmy at night and throwing up in the morning.

I have been having peppermint or ginger tea before bed, and vapour rub/ albus oil at night to break down the phlegm. It made it a bit better, I do not throw up so much in the morning now!

Seems to be getting better for me at 21 weeks, but some of it depends on what I eat!

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