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Im worried because this is my first baby after so many prayers please tell me about the diet and tips to protect my baby from harm and dangerous things please guide me in a positive way and also tell me about the medicines, test and laying positions.

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How are you doing first time mama?

It's been a month since your message. Are you feeling more confident or are you still worried about getting things done.
It's normal dear
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Its Normal wgen you sit or standing up
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It's probably hemorrhoid pain. Lots of women get it. I've had them throughout all 3 of my pregnancies and it will get worse after baby comes. But you always get pain in your butt area, cheeks/tailbone/anus etc... also it's best to take your prenatal vitamins everyday. Get the dual ones. The regular ones that help with iron etc.. and the fish oil ones which help improve brain cognitivity or something like that. Also try and stay laying on your right side. Dont lay in your stomach as it can be very uncomfortable for both you and baby and your left side has something to do with paralization in you or the baby. But trust me I've been through this 4 times, I'm not saying I know everything but I knew enough to keep myself and babies safe 
Sorry I mean laying on your left side has something to do with keeping blood flow you you and baby
Left side increases blood flow to placenta.

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