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I've had a persistent headache for two days and taking only panado pills hasn't helped. What other remedies or medications can I try to alleviate my headache?
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When experiencing a persistent headache that doesn't respond to over-the-counter pain relievers like Panado, there are several alternative remedies you can try. Firstly, ensure you are well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration can often be a cause of headaches. Additionally, applying a cold or warm compress to your forehead or the back of your neck may provide some relief. Another option is to practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or meditation to help reduce stress and tension that could be contributing to your headache. If these methods do not provide relief, it may be worth consulting with a healthcare professional who can assess your symptoms and recommend appropriate medication or further treatment options tailored to your specific needs.

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Just drink enough water it will help you.
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Pregnant woman can only take Tylenol. You have headaches because of the increase of blood flow in your body now and hormones. I just started with the headaches and for 6 days straight i have been getting them.
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I felt the same... i was much worried about too much pain.. most of time my husband and me visit hospital in emergency due to worst headach... then i visit a neuro specialliat docter ... he gave me medicn ( parasitamol 1/2, neutropil 800 mg 1/2 , zantic 1) after breakfast lunch and diner.. now i am fully fine from headach.... Alhumdullilah... 

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