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My baby's measurements and weight are normal for this stage, but I've been told there is less amniotic fluid. Has anyone else experienced this issue during pregnancy? What should I expect?
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It is not uncommon to have lower levels of amniotic fluid at 32 weeks of pregnancy. While the exact cause can vary, it is often due to factors such as dehydration, certain medical conditions, or a problem with the placenta. It's important to note that having less amniotic fluid does not necessarily mean there is a problem with your baby's health or development. However, it is essential to monitor the situation closely and follow any recommendations from your healthcare provider. They may suggest additional tests or ultrasounds to assess the well-being of your baby and ensure they are receiving adequate nourishment. In some cases, increasing your fluid intake or undergoing an amnioinfusion procedure may be necessary to replenish the amniotic fluid levels. Remember to discuss any concerns or questions you have with your healthcare provider for personalized guidance and support throughout your pregnancy journey.

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I have had this problem at 33+ weeks, they told me that if i dont naturally go into labour within 5 days then they will bring me in to induce me.i sid naturally go.into labour however ended having an emergebcy cesarean as my baby was transverse lie. My daughter was born at 34 weeks weighing 4lb 4oz
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If everything is going well u should wait just take rest and increase ur fluid intake well..take care of baby movements u should wait till atleast 36 weeks..I HV lost my child due to the Dr pressure my daughter was fine in 32 weeks..but lungs was still premature so she cannot survive.

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