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What are the potential consequences of using marijuana during pregnancy, and should I be concerned about it showing up in my baby's system at birth? Have any other mothers experienced a similar situation, where they admitted to marijuana use during prenatal visits? Did healthcare providers report it because they knew or because it was disclosed?
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Using marijuana during pregnancy can have potential risks for both the mother and the baby. While research on this topic is limited, studies suggest that prenatal exposure to marijuana may lead to developmental issues, low birth weight, and cognitive impairments in children. It is important to note that THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, can cross the placenta and affect fetal development.

If you have quit using marijuana at 16 weeks and are now 26 weeks pregnant, it is unlikely that it will still show up in your baby's system at birth. However, every individual metabolizes substances differently, so there is no guarantee. To ensure the best possible care for your child, it is crucial to disclose your previous marijuana use to your healthcare provider.

By admitting your past marijuana use during prenatal visits, you have demonstrated responsible behavior towards your child's well-being. Healthcare providers are bound by patient confidentiality laws and ethical guidelines. They may ask about substance use to provide appropriate care but are not obligated to report it unless they believe there is an immediate risk or harm to the mother or child.

It is understandable that you may feel worried about disclosing this information. However, being honest with your healthcare provider allows them to monitor any potential effects on your baby's health more closely and provide appropriate support if needed.

Remember that open communication with your healthcare provider is essential for ensuring optimal prenatal care for both you and your baby. If you have any concerns or questions regarding marijuana use during pregnancy or its potential effects on your child's health, it is best to discuss them with your healthcare provider. They can provide personalized guidance and support based on your specific situation.

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With you being 26wks, I assume you've had your anomaly scan around 20wks? If there were any effects I would imagine they would have been spotted at that scan. So if that looked normal, you should be good. It's a touchy subject for some but I do know some mums who have smoked weed in their pregnancies. One friend had 5 healthy pregnancies, 5 healthy babies, she smoked weed throughout all of them. My mates mum smoked weed throughout both of hers but my friend was born prematurely, 12 weeks early. Her daughter (my friends sister) is about as far along as you at the moment and has cut down but continues to smoke weed and has no issues so far. My friend smoked cigs throughout her pregnancy and had a healthy 9lb little boy. I usually smoke weed too for my genetic condition causing chronic pain but I quit when I got pregnant with my daughter (now 6) and now I'm 7wks pregnant and have quit again. Still working on the cigs. Most of the risk comes from the tobacco that is smoked with it. I learned this from a UK website that details research studies done on different drugs, medications and substance use in pregnancy. What would be safer is making cakes or brownies instead, it eliminates the chems from tobacco and smoke. Hope this helps. 
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Thank you!!! Yes everything looked fine for baby girl at the anatomy scan and she's still measuring big. They say she's growing fine and doing well.  I quit at about 16-17 weeks. My question is though is did cps / dhr come try to start anything at labor and delivery because of anyone admitting to it at their first prenatal appointment . I feel if I pass my drug test as well as the baby they shouldn't be able to try to take my child. It worries me some that because I admitted to it they are going to try to monitor my baby and send off her meconium/poop diapers and look for a reason to get me caught up in the system.
Do be warned though the side effects of smoking during pregnancy will not be noticeable, your child could still have other causes from your smoking that will show later in life, you could cause your child asthma that won't show untill later in childhood, ecsthma won't either and there could also be a whole host of neurology (brain) broblems that your smoking during pregnancy could have caused, I don't want to scare you but there is good reason why you shouldn't do that during pregnancy and most of the time the baby will 'look' normal but later in life the consequences of your smoking will come to light!

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