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Am 32 weeks I feel disconford when I lift my left leg I feel pain in my spine also my abdominal area is in pain what could be wrong 

And my son is moving like there's no tomorrow

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Is because ur baby is moving down to the pelvic region and his /her weight lying on ur lower extremities 
I'm 32 weeks pregnant also and my baby moves so restlessly and the movements are too much.my stomach hurts sometimes especially if I walk too much
i m 34 weeks i have back pain and my left leg is swallown i have too much vericose veins on my legs and feets and viginal area.my baby kicks too strongly that its hurts me.
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It's normal even it will become more strong afterwards 

Tips: give massage to your leg and backbone or walk 15 mints daily 
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I am 30 weeks and also feel pain when i lift my legs.i also think that the baby is going down cause there is a lot of movement . Just cant wait to meet the little guy.
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 I am 31 weeks and 5 days ..I feel pain in my vaginal area and the upper left leg..but all these are normal because your baby is getting bigger than before so he/she is pressure on your lower area..To reduce the pain do some massage and also walk 15 mins at least daily. It will be helpful for you and your baby to move to the right pisition for natural birth.:)

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