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I recently found out I'm pregnant and have been experiencing some bleeding. I've had positive pregnancy tests, but now I'm worried because the bleeding has increased and I passed a blood clot. I still have pregnancy symptoms. Can someone please help me understand if this is normal and what could be causing the bleeding? I have an early scan scheduled, but any information would be appreciated.
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Bleeding during pregnancy can be concerning, but it doesn't always indicate a problem. It's important to consult with your healthcare provider for a proper evaluation. In some cases, light spotting or implantation bleeding can occur in early pregnancy without any complications. However, if the bleeding becomes heavy or is accompanied by severe pain or cramping, it may indicate a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Passing a blood clot can also be worrisome, so it's crucial to seek medical attention. Your healthcare provider will perform an early scan to assess the situation and determine the cause of the bleeding. Remember that every pregnancy is unique, and while online information can provide general guidance, it's best to rely on professional advice tailored to your specific situation. Stay positive and try not to overthink until you receive further clarification from your healthcare provider at your upcoming appointment.

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You need to call your ob's office and tell them what's going on. Go to the er. You need to make sure you aren't losing baby and if you are you need to see if it'll pass naturally or if they need to remove it. It can be very dangerous. Please go to the er.
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I have spoken to a midwife twice and they just said to keep an eye on the blood. They can't do anything for me as I'm not far enough along. I have spoken to my neighbour who had a baby in January and she said she had bleeding too. I'm just worried it means something else

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