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Are there any strategies or tips for pregnant women who smoke and want to quit? I just found out I'm pregnant and need help quitting smoking.
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Well am pregnant too and am a heavy smoker I tried to stop but not working so I decided to continue ,the reason am not complaining is if I don't smoke I can't eat morning sickness and throwing up, but if I smoke I eat well and much no sickness I don't really know about you, but me I found it helpful.. 
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Mommies I also smoke I'm 3 weeks pregnant  
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I am 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant with twins, and i smoke but i only smoke 3-4 smokes a day. I reduce the smoking week by week, when i am 11 weeks pregnant i will stop smoking.
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Allan Carr wrote a great book about stopping smoking. Everyone who I heard who had read it until the end did stop and not smoke again later.

Also talk to your Doctor about reducing and how much wis tolerable.

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