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I'm currently nine weeks pregnant with twins and need to plan my maternity leave. With my first child, I worked until delivery without issues. However, I've heard that working becomes challenging after 26 or 28 weeks when expecting twins. Can anyone share their experiences with this?
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I say listen to your body, it will tell you when it is time. I tried to work as long as I could. In fact I can say I worked up until delivery. I delivered my twin girls at 29 weeks. It was not planned. I had a high risk pregnancy and was going to the doctor every two weeks. At my last appointment, they told me had to deliver my girls within 48 hrs because there was a too large of a size discrepancy with the two. I was admitted that day and was given steroids to help develop their lungs before delivery. I ended up having a c-section the next day because they were in distress. When they were born Sarah was 2lbs 15 oz and Katie was 1lb 14 oz. My advice is get plenty of rest, and enjoy the pregnancy. I wish I could have carried them longer. I miss not having them with me. I am just thankful that they are safe and look forward to the day they can come home. Best of luck to anyone who reads this, and stay strong.

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